Half a Sixpence

We are delighted to be bringing you a vibrant adaptation of this classic musical.
Arthur Kipps is an orphan working in a draper’s shop.  He and his childhood sweetheart, Ann, have two halves of a sixpence to act as a reminder of their feelings for each other.  But Kipps’s world is turned upside down when he discovers he has been left a fortune by an unknown uncle.  Catapulted into high society, he is taken under the wing of Helen Walsingham who teaches him how to act and dress as a proper gentleman.  Feeling that this is the life he must now lead and being smitten with Helen, Kipps becomes engaged to her.  However, he soon realises that it is Ann he is in love with.  He must now let Helen down and hope that he can reconcile with Ann.  With wonderful songs such as “Money To Burn”, “She’s Too Far Above Me”, “Proper Gentleman”, “Half a Sixpence” and of course “Flash Bang Wallop! (What a Picture?)” this all makes for a great evening’s entertainment.

Ticket Prices: Wednesday Evening and Saturday Matinée £16.50
All Other Performances £17.50
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This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD.

Book by Beverley Cross

Music and Lyrics by David Heneker

New Version by Warner Brown

A musical based on the novel KIPPS by H G Wells

Lyrics for “A Normal Working Day”, “My Heart’s Out There (What Should I Feel?)”, “This Is It”, “Be Determined”, “The Cricket Match”, “No Need of Economy”, “Finesse”, “That’s What Money’s For” and “What Should I Feel?” by Warner Brown