Audition Information

Auditions give us the opportunity to see a little of what you can do.

There are basically three elements to the process.

  • Sing your own choice of song accompanied by our pianist.
  • Perform a short movement routine set by our choreographer.
  • Sing the appropriate harmony line from ‘Hail Poetry’ from the musical ‘Pirates of Penzance’.

We may also ask you a little bit about yourself and what experience you have performing.  Don’t worry if this is your first venture onto the stage, we all have to start sometime.

Tips for a good audition.

Consider your choice of audition song. Select one that is well within your voice range, so that you can hit the top notes confidently every time.  It is not essential, but If you can memorise the song, it will allow you to interpret and perform it rather than just singing it through.  The more confident you can be the more you can enjoy the song, which means the onlookers will as well.
A pianist will be present at the audition so they will need a copy of your song at least a week before your audition date.  Please provide the music in the correct key for you as the accompanist will want to listen to you rather than worry about transposing on the fly.  However, feel free to give them guidance before you sing if you want the music played in a particular way.  e.g. adding a pause or adjust the speed of a particular phrase. We would not advise singing unaccompanied as we want to know that you can stay in key.

The movement section will be quite simple and not too long.  You do not need to know any dance terms or anything like that.  We want to see that you can follow the instructions given and move in time to the music.  It is not a test of stamina or to see if you can stand ‘on points’.

To help you with learning the harmonies for ‘Hail Poetry’, you will find a link at the bottom of this page where you can download the sheet music and listen to the various lines and find the one that suites you best.

Practice projection for both speaking and singing. We do after all want to hear what you are singing.  However, don’t over do it as singing too loudly can sometimes cause you to sing off key.

Remember to try and look confident, even if you don’t feel it!  If you look confident the onlookers will probably enjoy your performance more.

Please arrive at the audition in good time.  It will give you a little time to relax and focus.  Warm up on the way there by humming or singing your song quietly to yourself, or run up and down a few scales.

Bring a bottle of water with you as nerves can make your mouth dry up.  You generally sing better if your tongue isn’t sticking in your mouth.  We find still water is better than sparkling, it just avoids any embarrassing burps!

Be prepared and try and enjoy yourself (as much as you can).  Remember, the audition panel want you to do well.